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Property price data in Luxembourg

During March 2022, the asking price for property for sale was highest in the Centre region, with €11.421 per square meter. On the opposite, for a property for sale in the Nord region, only €6.526 per square meter is requested, the lowest value in all of Luxembourg.
During the same month, the asking price for rental properties was highest in the Centre region, with € 25,75 per month per square meter. The lowest average asking prices instead, were in the Nord region, with only € 15,40 per month per square meter, the lowest value nationally.

Regions Sale (€/m²) Rent (€/m²)
Centre 11.421 25,75
Est 7.175 17,50
Nord 6.526 15,40
Ouest 8.629 19,07
Sud 7.405 20,12

Property prices trend in Luxembourg

The following charts show price trends over time of all residential property types in Luxembourg, both for sale and for rent.