To sell a house in Luxembourg
To sell a house in Luxembourg

To sell a house in Luxembourg

To sell a house in Luxembourg
Selling your house in Luxembourg (Advices for selling your house in Luxembourg)

Just as when looking for your new house, selling a property should also be prepared.

Before deciding the selling price of your house, you can obtain information about the value of those sold in the area from real estate agencies or a notary. Checking out the properties for sale adverts on will also give you an idea of the price ranges on the market.

However, don't forget that the value of a house can be adjusted upwards or downwards based on external factors (public transport, parking place, facilities) and factors inherent to the property (the view, a garden, the quality of materials used).

Ideally you should request several estimates to be able to make a comparison and determine the right price. You can also search for similar properties at IMMOTOP.LU

Home reports are compulsory for the sale or rental of a property; consider having them carried out by a licensed professional.

Your house reflects your personality and is decorated according to your tastes and your image, which may not be shared by future buyers. Consider depersonalizing your property before putting it on the market. Photos of your children at the seaside, the china dog you love so much or the room painted pink from floor to ceiling are elements which could put future visitors off.

Why not contact a home stager to help you update the style of your house, studies show that houses where all superfluous furniture or decoration has been removed sell more quickly.  If you have chosen to put your property in the hands of an agency, let the real estate agent carry out the visits and provide explanations.

You are not forbidden from being there, however be sure to be discrete while at the same time answering any questions from visitors. You will have made up a file in advance containing the various bills linked to work undertaken in the house and any other documents relevant to the sale.

Always value your property, but be honest about any possible flaws.

If you have decided to sell your house on your own, bear in mind the amount of time which showing the house to potential buyers takes up. A real estate agency will certainly prove very useful in helping to save you precious time: filtering potential buyers, organizing visits, administrative formalities ...

Be sure that your house is properly promoted on the agency's website and real estate portals by carefully providing well-shot photos and a true and accurate description of your property.

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