Real estate professionals in Luxembourg
Real estate professionals in Luxembourg

Real estate professionals in Luxembourg

Real estate professionals in Luxembourg
You have decided to sell or to buy a property?  A studio or 4 bedroom house, it’s decided, you’re on the move.

Why contact an estate agent?

Apart from taking a few weeks holiday to take a crash course as an estate agent, you will find it difficult to juggle your current commitments with the sale of your home or while looking for a new house! In addition, property transactions are becoming more and more complicated (with all the diagnostic tests to be completed) as well as the complex legal requirements, you will need to add the skills of lawyer, and property specialist to that of estate agent.

So, why not call on the help of a professional estate agent? Thanks to him, you will be assured of the immediate security for your future transaction and you will find yourself face to face with an expert in their field. He will know just how to set the correct price for the sale or purchase of your future home and will be by your side as your advisor.

In the situation when the vendor may have the tendency to over value their own property, he will take the role of intermediary between the buyer and the vendor.

Your house for sale will be presented in the best light, on the house sale websites giving you the best visibility with regards to future buyers.

Mandate to sell, simple or exclusive?

A simple mandate will place your house in the hands of several agencies; you can also sell it yourself.

Awarding an exclusive sales mandate to one agency, you will be committed to them for a set time (normally 3 months); this can have advantages as they will be even more motivated to sell your property, than would be the case with a simple mandate.

You can find the best estate agencies of Luxembourg and the Greater Region.
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