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26 January 2021

Prepare for your remote visit


Virtual visit, online, remote, by video: there are so many different terms that you will hear more than once if you are currently looking for a real estate asset. In fact, confinement has permitted the democratization of digital solutions by real estate professionals, thus enabling us to allow you to visit some properties without having to leave your armchair. This information may be useful to you to prepare for your remote real estate visit.

1 – The Type of Remote Visit

Ask your real estate agent about the form this online visit will take. Is it a live video call with the real estate agent who is on site, a simple virtual visit you do yourself, a remote guided visit thanks to special software? According to the option selected by your representative, this will require certain computer equipment which is more or less complex. Don't hesitate to ask your real estate agent if it is an individual or a group visit.

2 – Software Installation

If an agent offers you to visit a property remotely, he will certainly need to use software. Certain software only requires an internet connection on your end, other software will require the prior installation of the software or application on your computer or smartphone. Check this point before your remote visit. In most cases for this type of visit, you will receive a URL link on which you need to click to participate in the visit. Your real estate agent will specify what service he uses and which configurations have to be done on your end. The current most frequently used services are Facetime, Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Live Storm, or Virtual Visit.

3 – Accessories

To participate, you need to have access to a high-speed internet connection if you want to be able to have high quality video and sound. Isolate yourself in a quiet location and consider using earphones with an integrated microphone. This point is not required; the microphone and speaker of your smartphone or your computer will do if necessary. Earphones simply enable you to limit any background noise which could disturb your discussion with the real estate agent. The same goes for the webcam: most computers and smartphones are equipped with a built-in camera. If not, you can simply buy a webcam which needs to be connected to your computer.

If you have a Virtual Reality headset available, you can also use it and get an even more immersive experience. Inform yourself with the real estate agent. Perhaps she has headsets you can borrow, especially if you visit several properties. You can also contact who can provide you a headset, subject to available inventory. Click here to ask for a headset.

4 – Allow Enough Time

Remote visits will save you a significant amount of precious time: travel time. This represents a considerable time gain for you as well as for the real estate agent, especially if you are led to visit several properties. You should allow between 30 minutes and 1 hour to dedicate to a remote visit, more if you visit several properties with your real estate agent.

Remote visits are an efficient solution which will fulfill your initial expectations while ensuring your safety. You no longer have to be tested before finding the house or the apartment of your dreams.

Do you have an onsite visit scheduled? Consult our article on this subject: Health rules for your property visit.