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13 January 2021

Health guidelines for your real estate property visit


Did you find a house or an apartment you are interested in and arranged a visit with a real estate agent? Congratulations for this first step. In order to make the most of your visit in complete safety, here are the health regulations that you must respect.

1 - Complete the documents provided by the agency

In order to maintain your safety as well as the safety of the real estate agent and possible residents of the property you wish to visit, some real estate agencies ask visitors to fill out a statement stating that you have no symptoms of Covid.

2 - Limit the number of visitors

If possible, come alone to visit the property. If you wish to come and visit with several people, do not exceed 2 people provided that the real estate agency is notified and that it gives you its consent.

3 - Be on time

Real estate agencies are doing their best to space out visits and guarantee the safety of all. This includes disinfecting and ventilating the rooms you are going to visit, which takes some time. By showing up at the scheduled time, you will avoid encountering other visitors while still allowing the real estate agent enough time to clean up the area before your arrival. During your visit, do not shake hands with the real estate agent, just greet them verbally.

4 - Disinfect your hands and wear your mask properly.

It is mandatory for both you and the real estate agent to disinfect your hands before starting the visit. Do not forget to wear a clean mask that properly covers your mouth and nose and do not remove it during the entire visit.

5 - Do not touch anything

As a reflex, you might be tempted to touch door handles or check the solidity of a piece of furniture. You will have to reconsider and let the real estate agent take care of touching the necessary surfaces for the smooth running of the visit. You may ask the real estate agent to open some cupboards for you if you wish to observe them.

6 - Maintain your distance

The prescribed distance between you and the real estate agent is 2 meters. Maintain this distance throughout the visit. If some passages are narrow, let the real estate agent go first to free up the necessary space.

All you have to do now is enjoy your visit in complete confidence! If you have any doubts about your state of health, do not hesitate to request a virtual visit from your real estate agent.

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