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30 March 2021

Buying a new home


You wish to become a homeowner; you have two possible options: to buy an existing home or a new one. Why buy a new home in Luxembourg?

A quality dwelling designed with your taste in mind

Buying a new home means you are trusting your project to a property developer. Your home is built, from start to finish, according to your taste . You can choose the materials, the layout and even the décor to fit within your personal budget.

Buying a new home means that you’ll benefit from materials that meet current quality standards, often offering very efficient thermal and acoustic insulation. Over time, this will save a lot of energy.

Builder’s security

When you purchase new, solid guarantees are included:

  • The one-year guarantee of perfect completion: For 1 year, starting at the end of the work, the participating contractors are committed to repairing any defects that they were responsible for.
  • The two-year warranty: For 2 years, starting at the end of the work, is the warranty that follows the guarantee of perfect completion. It covers things that can be removed, taken down or replaced without harm to the construction (interior doors, radiators, etc. for example).
  • The ten-year warranty: Counting 10 years from the end of construction, this warranty covers all damage linked with construction that could make your dwelling uninhabitable (cracks, leaks, etc., for example).

Tax and financial advantages

To further convince you to buy new, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is offering a reduced VAT rate for eligible properties: only 3% if you’re buying a principal residence compared to 7 or 8% if you buy an older home. You’ll also get a small discount on the notary’s fees.

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