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07 November 2019

Tips for optimal thermal and acoustic insulation


Do you want to build your home, or have your home built? The question of insulation will undoubtedly come up.

Though initially expensive, a well-insulated home will allow you to save energy (thermal insulation) over the long term. It will also help you avoid noise pollution, both coming from your neighbors as well as from your interior (sound insulation).

Dwelling orientation

The location of the dwelling and the orientation of its facades play an important role in thermal insulation. If you are building a house with 4 facades, consider orienting it such that you can fully enjoy the sun’s rays. Plan for as many south-facing windows as possible so that the warmth of the sun warms your home in the winter. In summer, simply lower the shades to stay cool.

As for acoustics, try to list all sources of noise that could disturb you: a nearby enterprise, a road or a railroad, and adapt your project accordingly (orientation, protection or natural barrier, etc.)

Are you planning to buy into a subdivision and residence project? Choose housing with the best possible orientation towards the sun, all while taking nearby noises into account.

Also, be aware that if you are looking at a compact home (on 1 or 2 floors) rather than a bungalow, your bill will be lighter. Indeed, you not only save money on your facade and roof areas, but also on the amount of energy consumed, which will be less diffuse and therefore less susceptible to thermal bridges.

Choosing the right materials

The use of the right materials will also play an important role in protecting you from both indoor and outdoor noises, as well as from outdoor temperatures.

Whether for terracotta or cellular concrete Monomur, roof insulation over the frame, double or even triple-paned windows, don’t hesitate to call an insulation professional to have your questions answered.

If you insulate your exterior, you should also think about your interior. By isolating your floors, you not only avoid losing heat from the floor to the ceiling, you also avoid noise pollution from the upper floors. It will also reduce the thermal bridges between the tiles and your exterior walls.

If you are purchasing an apartment, you can put up a false ceiling that will isolate you from the sounds of the floor above and keep the heat inside your home.

Getting sound or thermal insulation is a question of comfort and budget. Many professionals in Luxembourg are there to advise you.