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Real estate scams

Real estate scams are extremely common all over the world, and Luxembourg and the Grande-Région are no exceptions.

IMMOTOP.LU has developed tools internally to help us to detect potentially fraudulent ads. We do as much as possible to protect the internet users and agencies that use our real estate portal, but some scammers may still slip through the cracks.

If you’re looking for a property:

We ask the you stay attentive and cautious about ads that seem very attractive. If you come across an ad that seems “too good to be true,” watch out.

You can try to contact the agency or individual who posted the ad to verify if it’s a fraudulent ad or not. Usually, scammers cannot be contacted by email, they won’t answer the phone and will find any excuse not to show up for a personal meeting. They may also say that the house or apartment can’t be visited right away, and they’ll ask you for a deposit to “reserve” the property.

Don’t pay a thing! Don’t pay anything in advance and don’t send any documents if you’ve never met the person, if you haven’t visited the property and you can’t verify the identity of your contact person.

If you want to sell or rent on IMMOTOP.LU:

Agencies and individuals who post their real estate ads on our portal have personal login details and their own accounts. Pirates may try to gather your login details by sending you an email letting you believe that they’re interested in the property you’re putting up for sale or rent. In this email, you’ll usually find a link to our portal. But watch out: verify the URL that actually displays in your browser!

Scammers may create a spoof or copy of our website. The URL won’t be “,” but some other series of letters and numbers where the word “immotop” may be present, but this isn’t our official website.
The page in question is often a plagiarized login page of IMMOTOP.LU. By clicking the URL in the phishing email, you may think you have to log into our website to read the details, but if you fill in your login and password, you’re actually just giving the scammers the keys to your account!

Then, they’ll change the price of your ad, your telephone number and your email in your account to be contacted instead of you by people tempted by the new low price of the ad. The scam will affect not only you, but also those who visit our real estate listings.

Beware! Always verify the URLs displayed in your browser after you click a link in an email. If you have any doubts and think you’re being scammed, contact us as soon as possible so we can change your password to block the scammers out of your account.

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