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10 August 2021

Vegetating your interior


Do you want to bring life and a touch of exoticism to your apartment or home? Focus on vegetating!

Grasses, fruits or flowers plants, dried or fresh, suspended or on the ground; Whatever plants you choose, they will directly bring a touch of nature to your interior. Whether your home is large or smaller, you can easily arrange it to accommodate plants in your home.

Landscaping your home with plants

Rely on the accumulation of plants and the different sizes to bring relief! A large plant on the ground, plants hanging from the ceiling, and mini-cacti arranged here and there to add a touch of greenery to your decoration. Group several plants in the same place and play on the height by placing some on wooden boxes, others on the steps of a stepladder, on a chair, etc.

If you do not have a green thumb, there are decorating ideas to simulate a vegetated interior. Opt for a wall panel in vegetable or jungle pattern wallpaper for a touch of originality. However, choose rather a neutral furniture in front of this wall so as not to overload the room. You can also have cushions with foliage patterns on your sofa or frames with plants. Many inspirations are to be found on the web to give you ideas!

What about the outside?

If you are lucky enough to have an outside, whether it is a balcony, a terrace, or a garden, putting plants there will make this place a real cocoon.

If your space allows it, opt for plants version XXL. They will allow you to hide from outside glances while giving you an impression of escape. Choose a large cactus, bamboo, or palm for the exotic side. Think of climbing plants like ivy or vines for your outdoor walls that will bring a romantic bohemian side to your exterior.

If you are ambitious, why not also try to set up a vegetable garden? Above ground, growing bins make it possible to grow tomatoes, lettuce, or even aromatics at home without having a garden!

Finally, do not neglect the flowers: roses, peonies, lavender... so many flowers that will guarantee color and good odors to your exterior. If you have a green thumb, install planters and grow your favorite flowers.

Indoors or outdoors, plants are the best friends of our well-being and certainly allow us to feel at home, in the countryside, and in the city!

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