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06 May 2021

The transformation of Place de l’Étoile


Illustration ©KPF

Currently a passage way, Place de l’Etoile in Luxembourg City has plans to develop into a new living space and transportation hub.

A major project

Place de l’Étoile is located at the intersection of the Route d’Arlon, Rue de Rollingergrund and Boulevard de la Foire. As a true hub, the location is conducive to development and represents the entrance to the capital. The concept of Place de l’Étoile project is to divert the road to Arlon and to build a new district. The goal is to create a new living space for the inhabitants of Luxembourg City, and to improve the connection between the western municipalities and the capital.

This project was born in 2016, following the investment of Adia (Abu Dhabi Investment Authority), which became the owner of the land, and in September 2020 the Mayor of Luxembourg and the Minister for Mobility and Public Works presented the concept of urban development of Place de l’Étoile.

Concretely, the concept can be "divided" into two parts. The first part consists of making the site a mixed-use district, which will have 600 housing units, 60 of which will be low-cost, offices, shops, a five-screen cinema and a food hall. Then, the whole mobility part will be rethought. Indeed, the Route d’Arlon will be diverted to make room for more soft mobility within the neighborhood. A second streetcar line will be created and an underground bus station will take place. Place de l’Étoile will remain a passage way, but putting the bus station underground will allow the neighborhood above ground to make room for pedestrians, bicycles and the streetcar.

This major project is expected to begin no earlier than 2022 and no later than 2024.

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