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The mansions

March 24, 2022

What is a mansion?

A mansion is a large town or country building, built and occupied by notables and the bourgeoisie of past centuries. Usually rectangular and made of large, exposed cut stones, these houses have an easily recognizable architecture. Mansions have at least two floors (and an attic) and are usually laid out as follows:

  • the ground floor consists of a living room, dining room, and kitchen. Originally designed to be able to receive guests at ceremonies and other receptions organized by the owners.
  • the upper floors include the bedrooms and bathrooms.

Why choose a mansion?

Because they feature the old-world charm. These spacious residences usually have very large living rooms and high-end finishes. The mansions offer many advantages such as high ceilings with moldings, solid parquet floors, old tiles, stone fireplaces (in one or more rooms), very large staircases, and stone facades. Well renovated, these houses can become real jewels that will delight lovers of old and new alike.

Here you will find our Pinterest board of the most beautiful renovated mansions.

What are the negative points that should not be overlooked?

The beauty of these residences should not make you forget that they date from a bygone era. You are dealing with an old building that may be poorly insulated, poorly heated, or with an outdated electrical system. It is therefore very important to carefully inspect every detail of the house before purchasing it. If you like to renovate the house before moving in, calculate the expenses carefully so as not to blow your budget! Request quotes from our partner

After renovation, mansions are still more expensive to maintain than modern houses. Large rooms and high ceilings make them difficult to heat. To get an idea of future energy expenditure, ask for the EPB of the house. The traditional materials used for construction must also be regularly maintained to keep their splendor. Thus, the roof, façade, or staircase must be constantly maintained.

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