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Security system : which solutions to choose for the house ?

April 26, 2022

The Solutions to prevent burglars

The exterior appearance of your home is very important in deterring burglars. To deter them from entering your property, place cameras (real or fake) in different strategic places that are visible from the outside. You can also put up "Naughty dog" or "Property under surveillance" signs that will scare away more than one criminal. Thorny hedges encircling your home provide a natural barrier that could also deter potential burglars.

The equipment for your home

Before over-equipping your home with all kinds of technologies, you should check the openings in your home and reinforce them. Doors, windows, bay windows and garages are the preferred entry points for criminals (54% of burglars use the front door to enter a home).
There is plenty of equipment, more or less expensive, that will help you consolidate the weak points of your home:

  • A shielding, a multipoint lock and anti-pinch angles for the entrance door
  • Bars, grilles and burglar-resistant glazing for your windows
  • Roller shutters equipped with anti-lifting systems
  • Reinforcement bars for the garage.

The technological equipment

As mentioned above, you can equip your home with cameras that will record the slightest movements in your property. There are hundreds of different types on the market, which will adapt to your needs. To make burglars quit as soon as they enter your home, you can opt for an alarm system. These systems usually have a high intensity audible alarm (around 120db) and instantly notify the security company and/or law enforcement institution. There are also systems that release thick harmless smoke that will hinder the progress of people in your home.

Finally, home automation centers will delight fans of technology wanting to secure their home. Some allow you to simulate a presence in your home by opening the shutters, the lights or the TV, for example.

Although these solutions will scare away most potential burglars, consider insuring your property against theft. Our partner Lalux offers plans suitable for everyone to cover this type of claim.