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15 June 2021

Securing your home when you have children


Our little ones make us see the entire spectrum of colors all day long. To limit your worries and their small (or big) injuries, here is a checklist that should allow you to properly secure your child's environment and have the right habits.

Accessories you need to get

Safety gates

A gate at the top of the stairs, but also at the bottom to prevent your baby from climbing the stairs. A gate at the entrance to the kitchen when you are cooking to prevent their little fingers from touching the hot oven or the laundry room to limit their access to household products. You can also install them at the doors to the balcony or patio.

Electrical outlet covers

For installation on all outlets at baby and child height, including power strips.

Corner guards

The corners of the living room coffee table and other furniture can cause painful bumps and bruises. Place foam, PVC, silicone, or rubber corner guards to limit bumps.

Lockable medicine cabinet

If you do not already have one, invest in a lockable medicine cabinet. Keep the medicine cabinet out of the reach of children, and do not leave the key in the door.

Secure your windows

Too many accidents happen every year. To avoid them, secure your windows in the way that suits you best: window locks, window restrictors, window handles with locks, and so on.

Anti-tipping device

From the time they are crawling on all fours to the time they are older, your little explorers are sometimes tempted to climb on bookcases and other shelving units. To prevent accidents, secure your furniture to the walls with anti-tipping kits.

Adopting the right habits

In the kitchen

Turn pot handles inward when you are cooking. Store your electrical appliances away from water (electric mixer away from the sink, hairdryer away from the bathtub, etc.) and out of reach to avoid being electrocuted due to wet fingers.

In the bedroom

Keep diaper pails, hygiene products, and children's lotions out of reach. Do not place comforters on radiators as they may catch fire.

In the backyard

Place gardening tools up high. Keep children away when the barbecue grill is hot, and ensure that matches, fire starters, and sharp objects are inaccessible. Secure access to poisonous plants in the garden, and watch out for red berries that attract the hands of innocent children.

In general

Place furniture away from open windows. Ensure that electrical cords and wires are inaccessible throughout the house. Block off access to hazardous, household, corrosive products. Keep pet food and water bowls out of reach. Fasten curtain and blind cords to the wall. Unplug the iron after use and keep it and its cord out of reach. Never leave a child alone with a pet. Teach children from an early age to turn on the tap for cold water before turning it on for hot water.

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