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Renovate your terrace with ecological materials

June 21, 2022

Do you want to renovate your terrace to enjoy the beautiful weather, but you want to be respectful of the environment? It is possible! In this article, you will find the materials to choose in order to reconcile ecology, beauty and longevity.

Stone (15 to 300€/m2):

Whether natural or reconstructed, stone is ideal for renovating your terrace thanks to its many advantages: resistance to bad weather, accessibility and diversity. You can easily find the stone that will perfectly match your house.
Stones such as granite and quartzite are naturally cut for outdoor use.
Sandstone and limestone, on the other hand, require a water repellent treatment before they can be laid.
Less noble than natural stone, reconstructed stone has significant advantages. It is more accessible, lighter and more resistant than natural stone.

To go all the way with your ecological approach, make sure you choose a local stone and not an imported one. Although cheap, these stones have a bad carbon footprint.

Wood (60 to 200€/m2):

Preferred material for a natural outdoor atmosphere, wood will bring its charm and its beautiful patina to your house’s terrace. Like stone, opt for local wood that has not travelled thousands of kilometers and that does not contribute to deforestation. Properly treated, these European (and even Luxembourgish) woods have similar properties to exotic species: long life, resistance to heat and humidity. You can also choose composite wood, a mixture of wood fiber and recycled plastic, which has the same characteristics as solid wood but is more affordable.

Terracotta (25 to 80€/m2):

Customizable and environmentally friendly, terracotta is a material that should not be overlooked when you plan to renovate your terrace. Made of sand, clay and water, terracotta is 100% natural. It is non-slip, frost-resistant and long-lasting.
However, a water-repellent treatment must be applied before using it for the exterior of your home.

Porcelain stoneware (20 to 30€/m2):

Finally, to make your terrace beautiful and eco-friendly, choose to cover it with Ecolabel porcelain stoneware! Its ability to imitate a large number of materials makes porcelain stoneware a real chameleon that will allow you to have the terrace of your dreams at a lower cost! In addition to being inexpensive, porcelain stoneware is impact, wear and water resistant.

All you have to do is decide which of these eco-friendly materials will be used to cover the terrace of your home!

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