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06 April 2020

Organising your online property searches during the period of social isolation (Part 1)


During this period of a public-health crisis and social isolation, we have to admit we are all spending more time on the internet. While some people hang out on social media networks, others prefer to use this precious time, which ordinarily we sorely lack, to do their property searching.

While real estate agencies are currently closed, they have not stopped their activities and continue to add to their online portfolio. Many offers can be seen and sellers waiting and hoping for a quick end to this crisis may be reassured.

But how to find one’s way among all the offers available on the internet? In order not to get lost while doing your research, it is advised to turn to real-estate portals that group together a large choice of ads from reliable real-estate agencies., the undisputed reference in Luxembourg, is one of these agencies.

The article below should be a good guide to get you started in your first property searches.

Define your main requirements and criteria

If you have already started looking at property offers on the internet, it means you have already established your profile: rental or purchase, apartment or house, first-time buyer or purchase following the sale of your own property. Whether you are single, married, with or without children, your status will be essential and will determine your main research criteria. These include surface area, number of rooms, exterior spaces or other elements specific to your daily needs.

Using a property listing site will make your job easier because you will be able to provide all this information to one single site and only view listings that are likely to be a good match. You will save both your time and energy.

Set a budget for your project

You need to set your budget quickly. Avoid the disappointment of finding a favourite property that turns out to be beyond your means or which doesn’t correspond to it’s real market value. If your future purchase follows the sale of your current home, you can begin by making a preliminary estimate which can serve as a basis for determining the budget you can allocate to your new project.