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Metaverse: Future Eldorado of real estate?

May 25, 2022

As a 100% virtual world where users may have an alternative life, metaverses attract investor interest from all over the world: large companies, such as Adidas, Warner or Carrefour, have bought “land” there for promotional purposes.
For example, Facebook has invested more than 50 million euros there.

This highly promising market is concentrated in four main companies: Decentraland, Cryptovoxels, Somnium Space and The Sandbox (which holds 60% of the market). Real estate occupies a particularly important place there, since 270,000 virtual lots were sold in 2021 for more than 455 million euros.

Real estate in the metaverse is very similar to real estate in real life. Companies and individuals may buy land and develop it. This way you may build a house or a building, run a store, create an art gallery, set up a casino... The possibilities are almost endless and may allow you to generate income(real this time).

Although undeveloped at this point, we can assume that virtual plot rentals will become popularized in the near future. Indeed, there is a growing demand to buy land and prices are starting to soar. A piece of land is on average €11,000 on The Sandbox and Decentraland!


Like in the real world, prices fluctuate according to supply, demand, geographic area and even who your neighbors are. For example, the plot next to Snoop Dogg's virtual mansion has been valued at over 400,000 euros!
Are you willing to pay this amount to “live” next to a celebrity?

Although it sounds very tempting, buying digital stone can be risky.
The scarcity of plots for sale is totally artificial, depending only on the goodwill of the creators.
The market and its companies are still very young and everything can collapse quickly, taking along your investments.
Finally, the metaverse market is still very poorly regulated, with no real legal framework. So in the event of a scam, you will not be able to take any legal action.


Do you see the metaverse as the future of real estate or is it a short-lived phenomenon that will ebb away in a while?

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