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Luxembourg, Mersch: Spotlight on the center of Luxembourg

December 14, 2022

When we talk about center, we are likely to think of the capital. And yet the center of Luxembourg is much larger than that. So vast that the region has been split into two parts. A single region, but two different landscapes: ultra-urban or rather bucolic. Yes, it is possible to live green even in the central region.

Central region in the heart of Guttland

Surrounded by the Terres Rouges in the South and the Oesling in the North, the region of Centre Luxembourg offers a good picture of the diverse landscape of the Grand Duchy. From the adventurous Larochette to the Belgian border town of Steinfort and from the authentic Bourscheid to the French border town of Frisange, the Centre region is attracting tourists and new residents alike.

A single region, two environments, multiple experiences

The North Central region

The northern end of the central region is perhaps the most peaceful. Far from the hustle and bustle of the capital, life there is peaceful. Here, hikers are in paradise. From Larochette, they can enjoy trails through the Eisch in the Valley of the Seven Castles before getting into Little Switzerland.

But the North Central region is also home to towns with a human scale that are pleasant to live in and have easy access to the A7 highway. Mersch and Ettelbruck, where the "General Patton Memorial Museum" is located, are examples of such towns. This region is also where several Luxembourg industry flagships have their headquarters: The Diekirch brewery, the Goodyear factory or even LUXLAIT.

The South Central region

Here you will of course find the capital city, but also numerous municipalities that are ideally located on two of the country's main motorways: The A6 and the A1. This is particularly true of Strassen and Bertrange, dynamic municipalities that harbor two of the country's most popular shopping centers: La Belle Étoile and City Concorde.

In terms of economy, the South Central region is home to several business parks, some of which are known for hosting numerous companies operating in the field of new technologies. When it comes to tourism, the capital city accounts for most of the activity and attracts the majority of visitors.

Among the must-see sites: The Grand Ducal Palace, the Casemates de Bock, the old town, but also the MUDAM, the natural history museum... This autumn will be the opportunity for the VdL to launch virtual reality tours that will immerse visitors in the Pfaffenthal of 1867 or introduce them to the trade of yesteryear. A very nice way to put innovation at the service of the past.

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