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09 September 2021

Hollerich: from industrial district to urban district


Copyrights images: Dipl.-Ing. B.C. Horvath

After seven years of studies, the Nei Hollerich project is finally seeing the light of day to make the Hollerich neighborhood a new place to live in the capital.

Filed in December 2020 with the City of Luxembourg, the Nei Hollerich special development plan project became a public project in March 2021. It is to date one of the largest projects developed on the capital territory in recent years.

Hollerich, a historic neighborhood

Located 300 meters from the central station, Hollerich is a former industrial district. The sites of Heintz van Landewyck and Paul Wurth were located here. The production activities of these two large companies were relocated for one and stopped for the other. Formerly a commune named "Hollerich-Bonnevoie," Hollerich would not become a district of the capital until 1920.

A future urban district

The Nei Hollerich project is expected to see construction begin between 2023 and 2024. Its first residents, on the other hand, are expected to move in by 2025/2026.

All in all, there are 2,200 housing units under construction that will accommodate more than 4,500 people. More than half of the neighborhood will be devoted to residential real estate. Approximately 20,000 square meters will be used for shopping and restaurants with the goal of creating over 5,500 jobs.

The private park of Heintz van Landewyck will become public and form the center of this new neighborhood. New streets will be implemented and the streetcar will connect Hollerich to the train station, the city center and the Golden Bell. One of the challenges is to make soft mobility, like the streetcar, the new reflex of future residents.

As far as the architecture is concerned, this neighborhood has been thought to adapt to its industrial past. The old administrative building of the tobacco factory will be preserved and the new constructions will be grafted onto the historical buildings and the current listed buildings by embracing their visual and architectural codes. The new buildings will be built in the same way as the old ones.w/p>

But what about real estate prices in Hollerich? In the 1st half of 2021, the median price per m2 of a home there was €10,441.86/m2, compared to €11,596.13/m2 in the same period the previous year, a price drop to the tune of -9.95%*. The Nei Hollerich project could ultimately transform the local landscape and give the neighborhood a whole new identity.

Nei Hollerich promises to make the neighborhood dynamic and a true economic hub in Luxembourg. Ideally located near the central train station, this district will be a place of connections for residents, border crossers and perhaps even some tourists, whether to live there or to walk around.

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*Median price per m2 found on ads published on all housing combined (houses and apartments) – 1st half of 2020 and 1st half of 2021