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10 February 2021

Halfway there: Cloche d’Or poised for a boost in developments


Did you know that more than 300,000m2 of buildings have already sprung up in and around Cloche d’Or? What started out as a simple hotel complex has been completely rebranded to a district that is teeming with new commercial buildings, residential zones and a sprawling shopping complex. By 2030, Cloche d’Or expects to see over 200 properties completed.Here’s a quick look at what’s coming.

Currently, more than 95% of the 250 apartments in the Zenith towers have been sold but Promobe and Extensa (developed by Grossfeld PAP) still have properties in the pipeline.This next phase will focus on creating housing, according to the Cloche d'Or developers.

Regus Offices is expected to be complete in January 2022 and the Darwin building will be complete in June 2022.Some of these properties will roll over into the second phase of the district’s development.

The Weierbach residential zones with 805 flats are on track to be ready in June 2023 and are located on both sides of Boulevard de Kockelscheuer. These include three towers which will be situated in front of the Deloitte headquarters.

Let’s talk Gasperich’s costs and mobility

Based on our Gasperich listings (internal study, prices as of Q3’20), average price per square metre for flats for sale are at €11.6k while flats for rent are €11.3k.

With regards to mobility, the district expects the P+R Stade carpark to be ready by December 2021 while the tram is scheduled for 2023.

Connectivity to the city-center and Kirchberg will be heavily dependent on the tram. In this area, the key advantages include quick access to highways, public transport and the commercial establishments in the surrounding areas. provides a guide for individuals and professionals to finance and insure real estate. Are you looking for a flat in Gasperich? Take a look at what’s for sale or for rent in Gasperich! With over 10 years of experience in helping individuals and professionals find real estate, we pour our hearts and minds into helping you find what you need when it comes to a home in Luxembourg.

Vaishnavi Ramakrishnan

Picture : Alina Fomenko