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For professionals: How to design an open space?

May 5, 2022

Designing open space can be a real headache for companies. Small or large, these workspaces must ensure a good quality of life at work for employees. Here are some tips on how to make your open space a living and working space that suits your needs.

Before you start designing an open space, you should consult with the people who will be working there! You can ask them what solutions would suit them or what improvements need to be made. This way, they will feel involved in the project and will accept it more easily.

To ensure the smooth running of the open space, plan for the different traffic flows. Arrange the furniture so that everyone can move around comfortably and without disturbing colleagues sitting at their desks.

Prefer modular furniture and spaces, but clearly delimit the spaces between the offices and the different teams. This will allow you to better differentiate between your company's departments (accounting, sales or marketing, for example) and will encourage teamwork.

Provide enough storage space for everyone, but make sure you choose low furniture so that the open space does not become overcrowded.

When it comes to designing an open space, noise is one of the most common complaints from employees. Too much noise disrupts productivity and increases stress for your employees. To reduce the ambient noise, think of equipping the office with acoustic elements: carpeting or dividing panels do the trick!

It is important that your employees feel comfortable in the open space:

  • choose a suitable decoration and hide the computer/electrical cables
  • let employees personalise their desks
  • place the desks in natural light
  • put in green plants (they reduce stress, improve air quality and reduce noise).

Finally, don't forget to create a rest or relaxation area! A Zen room, a noise-free room or a leisure area, the choice is yours!

As a real estate agency or if you receive the public, think about including a space to welcome clients in your open space.

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