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20 April 2021

Coliving is coming soon to Luxembourg


Coliving, a housing concept, which is creating the buzz in several European countries, such as the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, will settle in Luxembourg and offer new housing possibilities to its inhabitants.

What is Coliving?

It was in the United States, on the West Coast, that coliving began in the 2000s. It is also there that it has the most offers. The concept quickly arrived in Europe and works very well in the UK, Netherlands, Spain, and France.

Coliving is synonymous with friendliness, comfort, and practicality . Coliving means living in a shared space, with a private room. The rooms, on average 20m2, have a sleeping area, a bathroom, and a dressing room. Some coliving spaces even offer small kitchens in each private area.

Initially intended for short and medium durations, coliving is aimed at people wishing to live in community, to share moments with others. Young workers and students are the main target. Indeed, coliving is an offer where everything is included, as the rent includes all charges and all the services available to residents, such as internet connection, television, etc.

Coliving in Luxembourg

As a small and incredibly attractive country, Luxembourg, encounters housing problems, in particular for young workers, interns, and foreign students who do not easily find accommodation in the light of prices and availability of the market.

Several startups are developing coliving offers by offering quality spaces for the years to come. It is at Differdange that we will find in 2023 the largest space of coliving in the Gravity complex. In the common areas, living rooms, kitchens, cellar, laundry room, coworking and relaxation areas will be shared with other residents.

A practical and less expensive alternative to renting or buying real estate, coliving should find its place in Luxembourg quickly and appeal to the interested public.

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