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27 May 2021

Bar and winecellar, elegant solutions to transform your interior


Summer is slow to start this year. Drinks with friends under the beach umbrella and afternoons to bask in the sun are not yet planned at the moment. Luckily, we have found two alternatives to summer comfort, which will help you hold on until nice weather is back!

A personalized bar

The first thing to do when you want a bar is to decide where it is going to be. You can either opt to install a big countertop, transforming your interior into an Irish pub, or pick the minimalist option by having just the essentials with a piece of furniture dedicated to making your cocktails. Do you have a piece of furniture, an alcove, a cupboard, or even a library, which you never use? It is time to turn this area into a bar.

Ideally, you will have to play with heights: a work surface to make your drinks, a closed low storage space to keep your utensils or ingredients, and shelves or wall cases to display your finest bottles and accessories. Most importantly, a bar should be functional.

If proper arrangement is a key step in setting up your home bar, there will be a corresponding atmosphere around it. All bars play with light to create the famous cozy atmosphere. Go for ceiling lights or wall light fixtures to illuminate the entire bar area. In addition, use complementary LED ribbons on your wall shelves to accentuate your bottles and macerations. Installing a mirror right behind your bottles will give your spirit collection the effect of abundance.

A winecellar

You are not a big fan of cocktails but you really enjoy wine? You can start creating a wine cellar to impress your guests. Whether it is integrated into your kitchen or is in a separate room, a wine cellar can be a real asset if you sell your house.

”Grand Public” wine cellars, both built-in and standalone models, are available on the market. They look like small fridges that will easy find their place in your kitchen. They allow you to store your bottles in the best temperature conditions and at a relatively low cost. Uniquely designed bottle holders can also be placed in your kitchen or integrated into your furniture, allowing you to combine functinality with aesthetics. Also, use your shelves to display your finest bottles.

If your basement is in a good condition, ventilated, and properly insulated, why not turn it into a wine cellar? It is best to maintain a constant temperature of 11°C in order to preserve your wines perfectly. Those who do not have a cellar will be able to embark on the process of clearing the area under a staircase to optimize every square meter of their house. However, this type of arrangement is complicated and has to be done by a professional.

Reminder: alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health; remember to consume alcohol in moderation and in safe conditions. While inviting your friends to test your new bar is good, it is even better to make sure that they don't drive if they consume more than the permitted amount!

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