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05 July 2021

A relaxed atmosphere even in the summer


With summer setting in, it's time to think about choosing our ally for the season, the one that will keep us from grilling like the sausages on our barbie! Awning? Pergola? Whether awning or summerhouse, choose your "sun breakers" before the official start of the great summer evenings.

The awning

Strong and practical

The awning is a very solid patio cover that protects from the sun's rays while providing shade. It also gives an aesthetically pleasing side to the terrace and also represents a shelter for garden equipment. It comes in many materials which don’t provide the same advantages:

In transparent glass, it will not give you any shade and will require regular maintenance.

Even if the maintenance of wood can be laborious, it offers an elegant feature that will enhance your home.

Aluminum or stainless steel are light and robust, they are very easy to maintain and help to give a contemporary feel to the house.

Summerhouses & pergolas

Aesthetics and conviviality

They adapt to all exteriors, to all tastes and budgets and find their place both on the terrace and in the garden. They both provide shelter on hot summer days, but they can also be used as a support for climbing plants such as vines, jasmine or wisteria.

A pergola is like an extension of the house, because it consists of two vertical posts supporting a structure leaning on the building.

A summerhouse is perfect for the garden thanks to its free-standing structure, with a circular, hexagonal or rectangular shape.

The thicker the uprights, the longer the structure will withstand the test of time and bad weather. On this subject, we recommend that you fix them very firmly to the ground and remember to remove the canvas in the event of very strong wind! When purchasing your summerhouse you should also check that it has a sloping roof in order to avoid the formation of water pockets on the canvas.

They are available in metal, wood or wrought iron; some pergolas even have motorized adjustable slats allowing you to enjoy the outdoors even in the event of rain.

As for the styles available, the choice is vast! A modern and well-structured summerhouse or an aluminum pergola accentuate the contemporary side of a house, while wrought iron covered with vines will give a more rustic, but no less bucolic style to your garden.

Stretched canvas sails

Current and modular

Three fixing points are enough to secure them, allowing great freedom of use. They are easy to maintain, but require some precautions. A high pressure water jet to get rid of stains is strongly discouraged; a mild soap and a small jet of clear water are more suitable. After washing, a canvas can lose its treatment against bad weather, so it is advisable to use a waterproofing agent to maintain its properties.

The canvas must spend the winter in a warm place; before storing it, it is necessary to clean it and especially to let it dry.