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24 March 2020

A home office


Are you one of the lucky ones who are entitled to telecommute? Whether it is occasional, monthly, weekly, or even more, this advantage gives rise to some adjustments aimed at optimizing your working time without encroaching upon your private life.

A dedicated space

Depending on the typology of your living quarters, the possibilities will vary from one person to the other. Do you have a separate room where you may set up your office? There are many solutions. You hold all the cards to set up a decent office. This isolated room will be your temple dedicated to work, making it possible for you to properly segment what is professional or private. With less work to do, you'll be less tempted to turn on the television, run a washing machine or do your personal accounting.

In terms of furniture, you need to take your budget into consideration, but overall you have an inexhaustible number of choices at your disposal. Before anything else, equip yourself with a functional desk with plenty of storage space: drawers, lockers, document holders, and the more filing solutions there are, the better it is. Add an office chair, a cupboard for your archives (if your position allows it), an adjustable desk lamp, and Bob's your uncle! If space and your wallet can afford it, install everything you would have had access to in your usual place of work: coffee maker, printer and possibly an extra accent chair to vary the positions when reading certain files for example. You must recreate a professional atmosphere while avoiding leaving this room, from where stems the advantage to have everything at hand.

If you do not have a room to be assigned exclusively to your telecommuting, incorporating an office in one of your living rooms is absolutely doable, provided you make some arrangements. In order to isolate yourself from your living quarters, choose a material demarcation method. Do not hesitate to put a screen in place, a room divider (affording one with storage is even better), or, a removable dividing wall if you are the owner. Another less obstructive and more decorative tip consists of making a vegetable wall. Equip yourself with a clothes rail that you can paint to suit your taste, then hang hanging plants by creating different heights. You may also wrap a light garland around the clothes rail to create a warmer working atmosphere.

Invest in untapped areas

Often untapped, staircases, landings or corridors could be your backup solution. You will certainly have to find a smaller office, but many solutions are available to you, including that of the work station fixed on two trestles or 4 legs.

Though inexpensive, this is the most flexible solution because there are a multitude of work station coverings and a wide variety of support structures. The two components of your future customized desk can be found in any hardware store. Be it industrial, classic or Scandinavian, there is something for everyone.

As long as you are the owner, you may also choose to have a customized desk. Many craftsmen offer customized solutions based on space optimization, especially since foldable or retractable furniture is evolving, allowing you to adapt your furniture to your needs.

Secure your work

If you have children or pets, installing tall storage space to prevent any damage to your working documents should be preferential. Pretty drawings on your report may be complicated to justify to your employer.

Storage under keys is also a good preference: you are not necessarily working on projects classified as "Top Secret", but you’ll not run the risk of losing some important documents or spreading potentially sensitive information. Favor combination locks because it will be easier for you to remember them than to look for the key mistakenly sucked up by the vacuum cleaner. This type of advice will certainly make you smile, but, should this ever happens to you, a little prevention is better than panicking though it’s not our wish it happens to you.

Quality equipment

Despite the temptation to make yourself comfortable in your living room, your couch and your coffee table are unfortunately not suitable to accommodate you during your minimum seven (7) hours of work at home. Poor sitting will certainly lead to muscle tension and back pain. Opting for a quality desk and a suitable office chair should be your two priorities.

Most companies buy their equipment from professional stores. You may not be able to reproduce the equipment you have on your premises, but you may try to get as close as possible to it. The famous Swedish furniture brand has launched a line of professional equipment accessible to individuals, which allows you to acquire your furniture at an affordable price without sacrificing quality.

Own your space

Even if it is not a leisure moment, nothing prevents you from improving your workspace so as to place yourself in optimal conditions. No one will judge your tastes: a green plant, gonzo accessories, everything is allowed, provided it remains functional. Let your imagination run wild and make your home office a place that best suits you!