Our goal has always been to offer the best real estate search service.

Immotop.lu is THE leading site for real estate listings in Luxembourg

Immotop.lu was launched in 2008 and is now used by many hundreds of thousands of Luxembourg and cross-border residents. Since its launch, the development of the best real estate search technology has been at the heart of its evolution.

Thanks to the commitment of our employees who have contributed to our growth over the years, Immotop.lu has become one of the leading players in online real estate listings in the Grand Duchy today.
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Over 2,3 million minutes spent on the site and 2,4 million detail page views per month
(Source: Similarweb - Feb. 2022)


Over 31.200 minutes spent on the app and 12.900 active users per month
(Source: App Annie - Feb. 2022)

Methodology and data collection

Data collection systems are based on samples of people, whose browsing on websites and apps is analyzed. The world's leading companies for traffic detection and analysis are:

  • SimilarWeb for web traffic, both desktop and mobile
  • App Annie for app traffic, both Android and iOS

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