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At ING we give credit to your dream …

Have you found the home of your dreams or perhaps you are thinking about building it? If so, you need a sound financial partner to finance your project.
ING Luxembourg is there to help you to draw up a personal financing plan and to provide the funds you need.

What is a home loan ?
 Every situation is different; that is why ING always offers you the type of home loan that best suits your requirements, wishes and possibilities.

  • The fixed rate is a rate that assures you certainty. The amount of your monthly payment as well as the rate will remain unchanged during the entire term of your loan. Thus, you’ll never have any unpleasant surprises.
  • The variable rate is a rate based on changes in the applicable long-term interest rate on the financial markets. Your monthly payments therefore increase or decrease depending on changes in these rates.
  • The reviewable fixed rated is a fixed rate subject to periodical revision that allows you to secure your short or medium-term repayment capacity, whilst still maintaining the potential market opportunities.

If you want to know more about home loans, consult our page dedicated to home loans

Why take out Debt Balance Insurance?

ING Luxembourg recommends that you take out Debt Balance Insurance. This means that if you die, your loan will be repaid in full and you will avoid adding to your family’s distress.


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