What is the best method of search on IMMOTOP.LU?

The easiest way is to search by keywords. This type of search can quickly and easily find the listing corresponding to the search criteria. This search is the most powerful ever used in the field of real estate search!

How does it work?

Quite simply, I type my keywords in the search bar by keywords embedded in the header of the portal as if I would have done in Google.

What keywords do I use in my search?

Search by keywords on IMMOTOP.LU is a powerful tool. I can search by country, by location, by region, by subject, transaction, number of bedrooms per m2 and even by price.

I can also add optional keywords like: garage, terrace, balcony, garden to my query if necessary.

Example of a query by keywords

I am looking for a house for sale in the south with 3 bedrooms, an area of ​​+ / - 120 m2 with a garage and a terrace, my budget is limited to 380 000 euros

I write then: house for sale south 120 m2 3 bedrooms with garage and terrace -380000

And to search precisely that in a country?

The menu on the left of the search bar by keywords allows to choose the country where you want to find accommodation. When "All" is selected, the engine will search all offers in all countries combined.
You can also choose a specific country by clicking on geographic areas displayed on the interactive map on your right.

To see only the latest listings?

The menu to the right of the search bar allows you to see only the recent announcements (published for 24 hours), advertisements for 3 days, a week or a month.

And to further refine my search?

The results that you would get 100% match up to your expectations. But if you want to deepen your criteria, refer to the right to filter search results.

Thus, you will be able to expand your search criteria, among other things: you will be able to determine the categories of research, choose between old and new housing, add more cities / towns, set the search radius, mark the range in price from surface or the number of rooms, define the energy class, built etc.. The listings will be displayed directly in search results.