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Digibrixx : real estate investment accessible to all

November 2, 2021

You want to invest in real estate in Luxembourg to build up your capital or diversify your assets, but you don't have the necessary means? Digibrixx, an innovation by Property Token, democratizes real estate investment!

Investing in real estate is a great idea, and especially in Luxembourg. The market dynamism still offers good perspectives in terms of returns. It makes you want to invest.

The problem is that this market is no longer affordable for many people despite a good savings strategy.

Nowadays, the average price per m2 is approximately 7.000 euros nationwide. And it is well over 11.000 euros in Luxembourg City. In other words, to become the happy owner of a 40 m2 apartment in the capital, you will have to pay more than 400.000 euros and even more in the most wanted areas.

In addition to that you will have to cover the notary's fees, and possibly an extra budget to refurbish your property if you picked a pre-existing one. And should be either a bank loan or a mortgage, you will have to provide solid guarantees, as banks have increased their requirements.

Not checking all the boxes?

Instead of putting off your investment project or feeling sorry for yourself, read on! Whether you are a resident or a border worker, an employee or a self-employed person, a first-time investor or a seasoned investor eager to diversify your asset portfolio, Digibrixx is designed for you.

Digibrixx democratizes real estate investment in Luxembourg!

Digibrixx is an innovative solution that enables everyone to access the real estate development market with real estate development programs starting at 3.000 euros per m2.

How does it work?

Digibrixx uses the blockchain to break down the initial investment in real estate projects into small digital bricks or tokens, called Digibrixx. Each investment is now defined per m2, which is expressed in a defined volume of Digibrixx.

What makes it possible?

"Then each of these m2 is co-financed, for two thirds, by a local bank, alike the purchase of a personal property", explains Guillaume de Vergnies, director of Property Token "with Digibrixx, the investor can invest in the real estate market at a third of its price, hence this affordable amount of 3.000 euros per m2 ".

But that's not all!

Democratizing real estate investment means removing all barriers.

"With Digibrixx, the risks for investors are strictly limited to the invested amount. Administrative and management burdens are also taken care of, and no extra funding is required on their behalf to manage the building properly. These are significant advantages compared to a traditional investment", explains Guillaume de Vergnies.

Of course, everything is being done to optimize the performance of your investment.

The real estate projects in which you can invest are selected by experts of the Luxembourg real estate market considering their location, their destination and their potential in terms of return, while supporting a local and sustainable economy.

Other benefits await you

The serenity

The management of the property is handled by specialists. You don't have to worry about anything. When you invest in a Digibrixx project, you also join a community of investors who share the same priorities and expectations as you.


Digibrixx partners with local well-established companies for their experience, their track records and with a Luxembourg bank to leverage your investment.

The simplicity

The selection of properties and most of the investment process are done online. Digibrixx even takes care of notary, legal and other administrative duties.

But see for yourself