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Email alerts for your house hunt

IMMOTOP.LU is the real estate website with the most advertisements in the whole of the Greater Region. Every day, tens or hundreds of new advertisements are put on-line. And your future accommodation could be among them.

To be sure not to miss property advertisements freshly put on-line and which correspond with your search criteria, sign up to our email alerts. With this, you will receive the new properties aimed to your needs directly to your inbox and you can then be amongst the first people to contact the agency or owner.

To create an e-mail alert

1/ Choose below if you are looking for somewhere for rent or for sale

2/ With filters at the top of the list of results, refine your search by choosing:
  • a region, a locality or a town
  • the category: a house, apartment, office, garage, etc
  • the minimum and/or maximum price
  • the minimum/maximum size
  • the number of rooms
  • etc

Note: the more you refine your search criteria, the more your optimise your email alerts. You risk being overwhelmed with e-mails if your criteria is too large for example “a house of 100m² in the centre or the south with a maximum of €900,000”

3/ Once your results are displayed, go to the right of the page on the computer or at the bottom of the page on mobiles. Add your e-mail to the box dedicated to e-mail alerts then validate

4/ Then, confirm the activation e-mail you will receive (check your spam if not).

Do you have a smart phone or tablet?

Download the IMMOTOP.LU app for Android or iOS, go to the menu on the left hand side to “settings” at the bottom, and fill out your email address. Confirm activation e-mail. The e-mail alerts which you will have already linked to you email address via your computer will be automatically applied to your app.

From the app homepage, you will be able to alter your e-mail alerts to receive notifications on your mobile app. A good alternative method if you’re worried about missing the email which could contain your dream place!

Create you personal account: advantage

To manage your e-mail alerts, you can also create your personal account. You will then have the option, as well as the alerts, to manage your favourite advertisements and save those that capture your heart. A good way to no longer return to the same advertisements and to to specify what you look on each new visit to the website!

This feature is also available on our apps. By registering the same email address as your account, we can connect all of our material and you can follow your housing search in an even more refined way!

How to remove an email alert?

Every email contains a link which allows you to remove an alert.
If you have downloaded the mobile app, you will have the option to manage your alerts directly on the home page.

How to modify an email alert?

You can remove an active email alert and create a new one with the new search criteria.

A question about creating email alerts for your housing search? Contact us.