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Our property portal is for professionals and private clients who wish to sell, or let real estate; whether it be a house, apartment, office space, garage etc. IMMOTOP.LU provides dedicated offers and services, adapted to your needs.

For professionals and estate agents

Take advantage of IMMOTOP.LU’s high-level prominence and reputation in Luxembourg and the Grande Region (Alsace-Champagne Ardennes-Lorraine), to enhance the visibility of your portfolio of properties to  sell or let. More than 372,000 single visitors browse our portal every month (CIM may 2018), which makes us the second-largest property portal in Luxembourg. And with 43,000 registered property adverts, IMMOTOP.LU is the premier property portal in the Grande Region of Alsace-Champagne Ardennes-Lorraine.

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For private clients

Our property portal is visited by more than 372,000 people every month (CIM may 2018). By placing your adverts on IMMOTOP.LU, you can optimise your chances of selling or letting faster! We offer tariffs on a sliding scale for 1, 2 or 3 months depending on whether you wish to let or sell. You must usually allow two to three months to sell a house or apartment.

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